Here are some of the questions new clients most frequently ask us.
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1) Are you also a manufacturers' agent?
No; at EQUATORIALE we work exclusively in the interest of our clients, who buy from a vast group of suppliers we select according to the individual needs of the client.
We do not accept any form of payment or commission from our suppliers but
prefer to pass on all the savings to the clients.

2) How much do you charge?
Our commission charges vary from 5% to 10% on the FOB value of each order depending on:
a) the size of the orders or of the total budget available;
b) on the nature of the work;
c) whether quality checks on the goods are required. (For other informations go to costs & savings)

3) Do you have your own catalogue or goods in-house to see at any time?
No; three simple reasons make it impossible for us to print our own catalogue
or keep goods in house:
a) we literally work with thousands of different suppliers and more are added all the time covering all the different merchandise fields we handle;
b) each supplier makes frequent changes, adding new products, styles and prints or decorations;
c) we source or have products made to satisfy each customer's different and specific needs.

4) How do we start doing business with EQUATORIALE?
Please read try us out.

5) Is it worthwhile for us to import goods from Italy?
Please read why buy in Italy.

6) Do we buy the goods directly from you?
No; you will buy the goods from the suppliers who will invoice you directly. However, we will take care of all the follow up work activities and make sure that all relevant documents are issued correctly and correspond to the quality and quantity of the goods you ordered.

7) Will we have to pay for the samples and their shipping cost?
You only pay if you decide not to make the order. Otherwise the cost of the samples will be deducted from the first order that follows.