WHY BUY IN ITALY : with the low cost of labor in so many other areas around the world, why should you buy from Italy?

There are at least five main reasons that make Italy a "must":

  1. Tradition and know-how : Italy's centuries long, deeply-rooted tradition in fashion and handicrafts and its artisans and craftsmen are still extremely proud of their work.

  2. Creativity: Italians have a long history of being innovative and creative, generating a strong and steady flow of new ideas, concepts and designs that set the trends and fashions worldwide.

  3. Versatility: Italian manufacturers have developed an extremely flexible and efficient production system, where low quantities and competitive prices are not a contradiction.

  4. Delivery lead time: to make the combination of low quantities, high quality and competitive prices even more attractive, the delivery lead time of Italian manufacturers is considerably shorter than anywhere else in the world.

  5. Product development and improvement: the design talent and know-how of Italian manufacturers is available to help you improve and modify your products instead of merely reproducing them, as manufacturers in other parts of the world would do.