After your buying trip to Italy is over, our work at Equatoriale goes on.

We offer complete follow-up services, organizing and expediting the production, consolidation, custom's clearance procedures, shipment and payment procedures of your goods. More specifically, this means:

- We instruct all your suppliers in writing as to how to process your sample dispatches and order deliveries down to the last detail.

- We keep daily contact with all your suppliers, to make sure they are complying correctly with the instructions and delivery deadlines.

- We update you constantly with progress reports on the status of the production, delivery and shipment of your goods.

- We reply to request you might have within 24 hours.

- We coordinate with the forwarder to determine the most efficient, fastest and most cost-effective means of consolidation, shipment and delivery of each order.

- We make sure that your goods leave with all the documents needed to comply with your country's customs' regulations, to ensure quick and trouble-free customs clearance.

- We check the forwarder's and supplier's documents (B/L and AWB, invoices and packing lists) before each shipment, informing you ahead of time if there are discrepancies and instructing the concerned supplier or forwader to resolve the problem.

- We forward the originals of all documents to you along with simplified payment procedures.

- We handle all the payment procedures on your behalf, whether through a global L/C opened in our name or through open payments. (For the advantages of this service, please go to costs & savings)

- Where requested, we perform quality checks of your goods. This is the only service we provide that is not included in our buying commission. This is for the simple reason that the manufacturers are located throughout Italy and it takes time and considerable travel expenses to effect a proper quality, check on the goods of even just one manufacturer.