As our client, you too will find that working with EQUATORIALE is actually
less expensive than buying directly from the manufacturers.

In addition to finding you the best manufacturing sources for your target,
savings you time on your visits and managing your logistics problems,
EQUATORIALE actually helps you save money through the leverage and
negotiating power we provide.

Here is an example of how you save:

Buying directly from suppliers
(1000 shirts quoted to you by
supplier: € 10.00) = € 10,000

Buying from suppliers through EQUATORIALE
(1000 shirts sourced and negotiated by us: € 8.00) = € 8,000 plus our 5% min commission = € 8,400
or plus our 10% max commission = € 8,800

Your savings will be between € 1,600 and € 1,200 on your FOB import costs. In addition you will also get the complete array of our services which will give you other practical and economical advantages. (For other information about for your savings go to FAQ)

ADDITIONAL SAVINGS: We can handle all the payment procedures on your behalf. This will represent a substantial additional savings for you, both in terms of time filling in complicated paper work and reduction of bank expenses. You will be able to open
a global L/C through us, that covers all of your orders booked through Italian suppliers, rather than opening separate L/Cs for each supplier. The same applies to other forms of payment, where you will be able to make one single payment operation instead of many separate payments.