EQUATORIALE has the long standing experience, the contacts and an insider's knowledge of the Italian manufacturers needed to help you locate the right suppliers at the right price:

  • Our portfolio includes established and reliable suppliers many of whom are virtually unknown to "outsiders".
  • Once the customer has indicated their needs we are in the position to determine the most suitable suppliers.
  • We continuously source and track new and upcoming manufacturers and brands, to keep up with the latest market trends.

EQUATORIALE will plan beforehand every detail by carefully arranging your appointments with trustworthy suppliers who have been carefully selected to meet your needs.
This will enable you to concentrate and maximize your buying goals and to make the most out of the time available.

Equatoriale will help you to make the most of your buying trips to Italy by giving you all the support you need to make it a real success. Not only we will accompany you during your buying trips, but we will help you to negotiate effectively with suppliers for the best prices and terms. In fact, we are able to optimize our negotiations because:

  • We are accustomed to the Italian way of doing business and the different cultural mindsets of Italian suppliers from the different areas of the country;
  • We have better leverage and negotiating power as we work with many suppliers for different customers.

After your buying trip to Italy is over, our work at Equatoriale goes on.
We offer complete follow-up services, organizing and expediting production, delivery consolidation, custom clearance, shipment and payment procedures of your goods. More specifically, this means:

  • We instruct all your suppliers in writing as to how to process your sample dispatches and order deliveries down to the last detail.
  • We keep daily contact with all your suppliers, to make sure they are complying correctly with the instructions and delivery deadlines.
  • We update you constantly with progress reports on the status of the production, delivery and shipment of your goods.
  • We swiftly reply to any question and request you might have.
  • We coordinate with the forwarder to determine the most efficient, fastest and most cost-effective means of consolidation, shipment and delivery of each order.
  • We make sure that your goods leave with all the documents needed to comply with your country's custom regulations in order to ensure quick and trouble-free custom clearance.

In the event that you want to develop your own exclusive designs we are in the best position to guide you and to facilitate the process through reputable and competitive producers. The whole process, from the first prototype samples up until the final products are ready for delivery will be followed up closely step by step.

When requested or necessary we perform quality checks of your goods. This service is provided for an extra fee for the simple reason that the manufacturers are located throughout Italy and it takes time and considerable travel expenses to effect a proper quality check on the goods.