It is a point of pride that so many of our international customers have continued their relationship with us for decades. This is the best confirmation of our overall quality of service. We have always been able to understand and often anticipate and adapt to the changes that each market undergoes periodically, staying in tune with the new strategies and demands that every new management or buyer brings along.

Our Hong Kong customer, The Sincere department store chain, is the best example of our ability to build long-standing relationships with our clients. We have been proud to serve this establishment for over 40 years.

Hong Kong has always been a super competitive, highly dynamic, fast paced market with an incredibly wide variety of products from all over the world. Even so, we have managed to keep pace with all the changes in the Hong Kong market in general as well as within our customer's enterprise, sourcing and helping design each time the products he needed that only Italy could provide.

We have worked hard to build a reputation of being extremely FLEXIBLE and capable of ADJUSTMENT and UNDERSTANDING of both our customers's changing needs and the changes within their markets.