When we first come into contact with a potential customer we often meet with questions that range from trust and reliability issues to the suitability of the manufacturers and their pricing.

Many foreign companies have either had a disappointing experience with other agents and buying offices in Italy, or have painfully and frustratingly tried to crack the Italian market alone, or are simply not sure of the advantages of buying here.

To help our new customers overcome these stereotypes and uncertanties and explore all the potential the Italian market has to offer, we suggest a step-by-step approach which allows them to get to know us and our professional capabilities and to gradually be exposed to the Italian market and all its potential.

Good examples of this are two of our recent customers, both fashion wholesalers, one from the U.K. and the other from Ireland.



A wholesaler from the U.K., had a disapointing expereince with another buying office in Italy for a few seasons. As a result he was convinced that Italy had only expensive products and limited his visits to fashion shows in order to keep up with new trends.


After coming into contact with us, the first thing we did was to get clear inputs about his needs: the kind of products he was looking for, the target market (age, social class, fashion sensitivity, material preferences) as well as his target price.

Next we sourced manufacturers, select several samples from their collections and shipped them to the customer. We gradually increased our services as the customer discovered that Italy actually could offer him a wide selection that was suitable for his business.


Today he is on his 4th buying season in Italy where he now spends a substantial part of his budget to purchase both goods specifically developed for his own brand and goods selected from manufacturers' collections.



We met an Irish wholesaler on what was supposed to be his last trip to Italy. He had been coming to Italy on his own for some time, during which he could not meet any contacts that fit his requirements. His conclusion was that Italy did not have what he was looking for.


Our first step was to find out what exactly his requirements were and whether they could be met in Italy. The next step was to organize a short, but intense schedule of visits to manufacturer's factories and appointments with suppliers in our offices.


By the end of his trip he realized that through us he had been able to contact more interesting potential partners in a couple of days than he had been able to find in weeks of fruitless pursuit.

Before making any conclusions about what Italy has to offer, try EQUATORIALE'S PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE and RELIABLE services.